PC Classes


  1. Bloodrager unchained – Bloodrager but using the Barbarian unchained version of rage as the bases for bloodrage. If you use hero lab check out ShadowChemosh’s Pathfinder Unchained pack. This is entirely optional. Unchained rage just simplifies a lot of the math.


  1. Barbarian Unchained
  2. Rogue Unchained – Gets skill unlocks
  3. Summoner Unchained

Advanced Class Guide

  1. Arcanist – ( Hybrid Wizard / Sorcerer )
  2. Bloodrager – ( Hybrid Barbarian / Sorcerer )
  3. Brawler – ( Hybrid Monk / Fighter )
  4. Hunter – ( Hybrid Druid / Ranger )
  5. Investigator – ( Hybrid Rogue / Alchemist )
  6. Shaman – ( Hybrid Oracle / Witch )
  7. Skald – ( Hybrid Barbarian / Bard )
  8. Slayer – ( Hybrid Rogue / Ranger )
  9. Warpriest – ( Hybrid Cleric / Fighter )

Advanced Player’s Guide

  1. Alchemist – ( Discouraged, Consider Investigator instead )
  2. Oracle

Ultimate Magic

  1. Magus – ( Hybrid Wizard / Fighter )

Core Rolebook

  1. Barbarian – I strongly suggest the improved unchained version ( for ease of play reasons )
  2. Bard – Might make sense to consider Skald
  3. Cleric – Slightly discouraged. Consider Oracle for another option that fits the setting better
  4. Druid – Possibly consider Hunter, but pure druids are a good choice.
  5. Fighter – Gets Stamina and Combat Tricks
  6. Ranger – Might make sense to consider Hunter

Tentatively not allowed

I might be convinced on the following.

  1. Inquisitor: This class really only could work for the centaurs. And even there it wouldn’t be a prefect fit. A centaur inquisitor in the western lands would be at a major disadvantage. Note that Darathayians, Tarnians and Burnose are fairly causal in any worship. Respect for the gods is as much about cultural heritage as anything else. And the stories and legends are fun to swap with each other.
  2. Swashbuckler: The connections with gunslingers doesn’t fit setting, but swashbuckler do fit a port setting. Would be a bit of a fish out of water.
  3. Witch: Oracle is really a much better fit for those from the Tarnian City-States, the Darthayian Emperor and the Burnose Settlements. Warpriest fit the Centaurs better, and Oracle, Warpriest and Shaman all fit the Wemics.

Not allowed

Most of these are not allowed because of setting reasons or balance reasons.

  1. The “base” version of any unchained class, with the exception of Barbarians. Consider the unchained versions.
  2. Cavalier: Consider Fighter or Warpriest
  3. Gunslinger: Consider hunter or slayer
  4. Monk: Consider Brawler, Slayer or Warpriest
  5. Ninja: Consider Brawler, or Slayer
  6. Samurai: Consider Fighter
  7. Sorcerer: Consider Arcanist
  8. Wizard: Consider Arcanist

PC Classes

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